By joining the weekly poll you can let us know where the trees are needed the most. Donations will be made accordingly. The projects we support include:


With strategic solutions CEPAN manages to restore biodiversity with a focus on conservation in north-eastern parts of Brazil, including ‘Mata Atlântica’ and ‘Caatinga’. Different programs are used to improve every aspect of the situation. CEPAN’s work includes much more than just planting trees. For more information, please visit

Reforest Now

Located in Australia Reforest Now is on a mission to protect, conserve and regenerate forests and rainforests spanning from New South Wales to the Daintree Rainforests in Queensland. Reforest Now grows critically endangered species of trees, vines and shubs in a nursery managed by volunteers – ready to be planted. For more information, please visit

Foundation Green Ethiopia

The primary goal of The Green Ethiopia Foundation is to prevent erosion by planting trees in Ethiopia. This provides an opportunity for people in poverty to develop and help themselves. To stimulate this even further The Green Ethiopia Foundation helps farmers financially and educates the youth. For more information, please visit


Where should the trees be planted?